Sunday, May 23, 2010

Republican Liberty Caucus

Blue County in a Red State has announced the formation of the Lake County Chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus.

The conscience of the Republican Party!

Why should anyone care?  Because we need to get concerned citizens who want to see our country change back to a more Constitutional format and move forward in other ways all on the same page.   It does no good for six of us to get all excited about six different candidates while the other side runs one and therefore wins.   Because we need to energize and inform people in our own backyards.  

Activism and organizing have a communist connotation.   But although these methods have helped the socialists and communists advance their agendas, there is nothing inherently wrong with these methods.  We used the same methods to form this nation in the first place. 

Sure, what to sell at the fair and being sure we have a candidate for a district are Republican local questions.  Here is another one - who is registering new voters?   Who is walking neighborhoods with a handful of flyers and a smile?  

One thing the caucus will do is have an internet presence.   But as we get the arena built, we hope to herd in everyone who gives a rip about the USA to come wage war for freedom with the right information and the right techniques and a great deal of support of comrades.   The military has a camraderie by which we, as soldiers, are like brothers in some way, brothers in arms if you will.    While elections are won by vote and not gun the weapons of our warfare will be information and effort. 

The caucus will not provide money to candidates and will be focused on State, County and local elections. 

Stay tuned for breaking news on the organization on this website!

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