Saturday, May 8, 2010

AmericanVet and Kim Krull Sum up the Post-Primary world for Lake County

Now that the excitement and noise of the primary season is past, we need to find our areas of agreement and join forces behind Lake County Chair Kim Krull and our local Republican organizations to support the winning candidates for our national, state and local offices on the Republican side and resolve that the prize is in sight:  2010.   The 2010 election may well be the most critical election our nation and our state have faced.  The primaries were the starting gun for a long race to come.

The primaries were like a family feud in which there is a lot of sound and fury but in the end I can look at the people we have on the ticket and then look across the way at the list held by the other side and breath a sigh of relief.  Not every one of my favorite candidates prevailed.  But like a family reunion, after the softball game is over we dust off and everyone sits down and eats the fried chicken and laughs about all the old stories.

On the national front there is a movement of the people known as a Tea Party movement and Republicans need to understand how to welcome them into the fold and join forces.  With the help of local grassroots leaders I do believe that local Tea Party voters will want to come out in force to support our Republican ticket.   State offices are of vital importance at a time when the Federal and State forces are finding themselves at odds and especially in a census year.   We truly need a Republican legislature in place to take charge of the various district borders that were gerrymandered by the Democrats after the last census.

Finally, here at the local level we have begun networking with the Lake County Republicans and various officials and bloggers and Tea Party leaders to make the attempt to get us all on the same page.  Cedar Lake has seen a great deal of change and growth engineered by years of Republican leadership.  Funny how the Democrats step up at the very end and take credit for years of hard work.  But those in the know realize that Republicans did the groundwork and the planning and got the ball rolling on a new Cedar Lake.  Now if we work together we can make sure that the finished product is what we want.   Cedar Lake has been a wonderful place to live and work and raise children.  It is vital to retain our vision and values that help make us home. 

Chairman's Comments  - Kim Dugger Krull

I'm really proud that we had so many contested races this primary. But although it can give us publicity, it can also bring out a lot of emotions and accusations especially by those who didn’t win. So let’s not forget what we are fighting for. If you make decisions and choices based on emotions, then the democrats have a better chance of winning in the fall. There are always going to be people in the Republican party that we don’t necessarily like. So if you make a decision to not help the party anymore based on that emotion, then we all lose that momentum that we have enjoyed the last few months. As my new friend Kimbal Binder put it, "We lick our wounds and join forces because the differences between conservatives are much less important that the difference between us and the liberals."

And to the winners, I ask that you not be arrogant with your win, but reach out to your opponent and the local and county party. Let your campaign now not be centered on just your self, but on the party as a whole. Support goes both ways. If you support the party and its leaders, the party and its leaders will support you. Then we are all winners. So a suggestion when you reach out is to not immediately ask for support from city, town, and county leaders, but ask what can I do to help make what you have been doing stronger.

We need all candidates that won, all candidates who lost, and all the people that worked on their campaigns to now start working together to beat the democrats in the fall. We will be working hard to fill all open seats with an appointed Republican. There will be an announcement next week on an appointment for Circuit Court Judge. And Mary Tanis contacted me last night to declare her candidacy for Dyer Town Council in Ward 4.

I will be appointing all delegates who did not win a contested race to an open slot. You should be getting a letter in the mail soon. If you know anyone else who wants to be a delegate at the State Convention on June 18th and 19th, please let me know ASAP as positions are filling up.


Primary winners

US Senate Dan Coats

US Congress Mark Leyva

State Rep District 15 Don Lehe

State Rep District 19 Dan Klein

County Sheriff Dan Bursac

County Council District 1 Michael A. Gramhofer

County Council District 4 Dan Dernulc

County Council District 5 Daryle K Tunis

County Council District 7 Rick Niemeyer

Cedar Creek Township Trustee Alice F. Dahl

Center Township Assessor Kristie L Dressel

Center Township Trustee Eldon Strong

Center Township Board Roland (Bub) Wise - Kathryn Webster - Bryan Bodamer

St John Township Assessor Hank Adams

St John Township Trustee Jean Shepherd

St John Township Board Tom Cavanaugh - Deb Walters - Al Hansen

St John Town Council Ward 3 Gregory J. Volk

Hanover Township Board Scott Bourrell - Roberta Torrence Allan

Calumet Township Trustee Willie Brown

Dyer Town Council Ward 2 Jeffrey Dekker

Dyer Town Council Ward 5 Debbie Astor

Hobart Township Trustee William J Savage

Lowell Town Council Ward 2 Bob Philpot

North Township Board Mario Martini

Cedar Lake Council Ward 1 Robert H. (Bob) Carnahan

Cedar Lake Council Ward 5 Randell C. (Randy) Niemeyer

Schererville Town Council Ward 2 Hal Slager

Schererville Town Council Ward 4 John O'Brien

Uncontested winners

State Senator District 1: David Spudic

State Senator Distric 4: Shawn Olson

State Rep District 1: Bill Johnson

State Rep District 2: Ken Stevenson

State Rep District 4: Ed Soliday

State Rep District 11: Cy Huerter

State Re District 14: Catherine Campbell

Cedar Creek Township Board: Brian Mathias

Eagle Creek Township Trustee: James Morrow

Eagle Creek Township Board: Bruce Mcneill, John R. Jurs

West Creek Township Trustee: Harold Mussman, Jr.

West Creek Township Board: Kyle Bruce, Michael R. Mcintire, Patricia R. Kopas

Winfield Township Trustee: Rollie Brauer

Winfield Township Board: Margaret R. (Marge) Brauer, Sherry J. Gasparovic, Linda G. Eisenhauer

St John Town Council: Gregory J. Volk


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  1. Great sentiment Vet, now it's time to work together to take some seats from Democrats.