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Here comes the lead up to the Primary

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Kim Krull reported on the Lincoln Day Dinner

Chairman's Commentsalt Wow! What a great Lincoln Day Dinner this year! Thanks to John Moos and his committee for putting on a spectacular evening. We were proud to have not only the Lieutenant Governor as our guest speaker, but also in attendance were State Treasurer Richard Mourdock, Attorney General Greg Zoeller, and our next Secretary of State Charlie White. We also had most of the US Senate Candidates Don Bates, Dan Coats, John Hostettler, and Marlin Stutzman all enjoying Millie’s chicken and polish sausage! Congratulations to Genny Gasparovic for winning Republican of the Year! Genny has been involved with the Lake County GOP for more years than I am sure she wants me to say. She has run for office, managed campaigns, worked on many committees including the Lincoln Day Dinner committee for several years, is a hard working member of Midlake Republican Women’s Club and also works hard in the Board of Elections office. 

In case you missed it, we renamed the Chairman’s Award to the John B. Curley Chairman’s Award for Public Service. Chairman Curley initiated the award a few years ago, and with his inspiration of always being involved in his community (most of the time without anyone knowing) we thought this was appropriate. This year’s recipient was Griffith Council President Rick Ryfa. Rick helped his community through not only a flood but also a tornado in the past year. 

Thanks to Kevin Van Linden for organizing our two big raffles: the gun raffle and the Sarah Palin book raffle. And a big thanks to Deb Astor for organizing the basket raffle. Those 3 raffles brought in a large amount of money to help pay for the donut machine. And I would also like to thank Susan Hammond from the Indiana Republican Party and Alex Mele for assisting with ticket sales. 

A few people learned a very important lesson these past months. Republicans should vote Republican in primaries. I had several requests from people who voted D in the past primary to authorize them to run as a Republican for local office or as a State Delegate. We need to show our strength and part of that is by voting Republican in the primaries. Since Indiana does not register anyone to a particular political party, the only way we know if you are Republican is by your voting record. I heard all the excuses. “I vote D because we have no one to vote for.” “I vote D because I know they’re going to win in the fall so I vote for the weaker candidate.” Well, ladies and gentlemen, those attitudes will keep us stagnant and will definitely NOT win races. So as I encouraged people to run for office, I now encourage you to support those who have heard and responded to that call. Vote REPUBLICAN on May 4th! 

We have had several new faces sign up to run for office this year. As a consequence of that, we have several competitive races in the Republican primary. The next step is to organize get out the vote campaigns which I encourage not only candidates to work on but city and town chairmen as well. There are voter registration forms (registration ends April 4th) and absentee ballot applications on line and on our website. Precinct committeemen need to contact their chairman for walking lists and forms if you need them. 

Let’s hope that our increased Lincoln Day Dinner attendance is a sign of great Republican voter turnout not only in the primary but also in the general election. Let’s keep the momentum going to elect qualified Republican candidates to office this year! However you can help, please do so because as ancient Greek philosopher Plato once said, “The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”


If you want to work the polls we may still have some openings, please contact the Lake Co GOP

I enjoyed the LD Dinner.   Found out that candidate Scott Burrell's son is getting married the same day our Amanda is getting married!  May our family and the Burrell family will not be attending each other's big day.  Why did we go?  Because we (my wife and I) have been motivated since 9/11 to find ways to help our country and since the election of Barack Obama we found ourselves joining the Tea Party Patriot movement and came to the realization that only by identifying the best candidates at the grassroots level could we get the kinds of people needed in office who would not be likely to become Beltway Boys.

You have to get a gut instinct for people.   My gut tells me Kim Krull is the real deal and that the Lake County Republicans are on the right track.   The mess happening in Portage County right now is in part due to "Operation Chaos", a last gasp effort to stop Barack Obama by voting for Hilary in the primaries by normally Republican voters.   It did not work and is now being used to attack good conservatives of being closet Democrats.  Here in Lake County the Democrats managed to put some of their operatives in positions of power but it looks like those days are going, going...

We have some identifiably strong candidates for office in the US Representative district one race now.  

Future events as listed in the GOP calendar: The Waffle Breakfast at the Dyer Presbyterian Church‎ - 2501 Hart Street, Dyer, IN‎ - (219) 865-8660‎ beginning at seven AM and forum beginning at nine AM on Saturday the 10th of April is the next chance to hear the Representative candidates speak and answer questions.

In addition to the Liberty Straight Up at Sheffields on Friday night (April 9th) from five to nine PM, there are several other things going on and I will also be posting Tea Party oriented events as we move along.  Naturally also giving out candidate information to help you make your decision.   Be thankful, we get to vote freely for whomever we choose.

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