Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Endorsing the Indiana House and local races and calling Rob Pastore!

The Fight to face Porky Pete House 01

I have been supporting Eric Olson and Mark Leyva as the top two candidates for the 01 Congressional race but a good source has recommended that I talk with Rob Pastore so tomorrow I have Rob's number and I will be calling him for a short interview and will report back to all!  Hopefully Pastore will have some interesting takes on the race in Lake County and I suspect he supports himself for Congress as well.  Pete Lindemulder looks like a guy who may be a candidate for the future but did not really get cranked up in time this year.  This is one race the Tea Party has had some influence, but not to the extent the Senate race has demonstrated.   Tea Party-promoted candidates Marlin Stutzman (my pick) and John Hostettler both seem likely to beat Coats at the polls.   Really, any informed voter is NOT going to vote for Dan Coats/

Poo-flingers abound  

Sadly, a few oddball people and a few crooked people in every election do most of the damage and dirty tricks.  Taking signs from private property is one typical dirty trick that is all too commonplace in these parts.  I have also found that one of the Tea Party Patriot groups I have been a part of has become a home to overamped lunatic types, most of whom are fans of John Hostettler.   Now John Hostettler is the guy I would vote for if Marlin Stutzman was not in the Senate race and I have no bones to pick with John or his campaign.   But some of his supporters are so out of control making wild accusations on one particular site that I decided I should simply stay away and not even be a part of it anymore.  I will not identify the site because I do not roll that way.  But if any members of that particular group notice I am not around anymore you know why.  Too many kooks for me.

I have so many injuries and nerve damage that if I could not work in consulting and sales from my home office I would be unable to work at all.  I am an Army vet and I am proud of my country and refused to consider taking disability and putting a handicapped sign on my car.  I am working my way through life as best I can.  I do not need to hang around with people who have no respect for the truth or civility and think the best politics is to take out the legs of the other guy.   Enough said?  If you can walk on a bridge over muck you will not wade into it unless you like to get into it...I have rubber boots but I save them for non-bridge situations.

Hanover School Board District One and Two

It is hard to figure out who wants to do what in these races unless you know the candidates, so I have been networking to find out what I can about them.  My two picks are as follows:

Dana Griner and James Sakelaris

Several of the Republican Candidates in the primary locally are running unopposed, such as Scott Bourrell and Roberta Allen and Robert Carnahan.  But why not vote for them anyway? 

Local Indiana House Races

Katz over Klein - I endorse Fran Katz, a very highly respected agronomist and businesswoman who understands a great deal about business.   We need people in Indianapolis that understand business. Shelli VanDenburgh, the incumbent, has a fair amount of money.  No matter who wins this nomination the fight in November will be a tough one.   Katz was the choice of local grassroots while Klein was picked by the HRCC.  To some extent this is a Tea Party Patriot versus Standard Republican choice from on high.

Anderson over Lehe - Don Lehe has been a reasonably effective guy who has pretty well followed the party line.   In fact, he follows it so often that perhaps a man who does not automatically follow the crowd is called for?  Both candidates will be far better than whoever runs from the Donkey side.

Local Indiana Senate Race District Six

Is there any way I would support anyone but the second-ranking Senator in the Indiana Senate, a great name in local politics and a wonderful person - Sue Landske?  It will be a sad day for those of us in her district when she decides to hang up her shingle for the last time and I sure hope it will not be soon.

Lake County Council District Seven Race

Rick Niemeyer.  A respected local businessman and one with some leadership and experience.  Good guy, too!  He is one of the dairy Niemeyers, in case you know a family member.

Lake County District Four Race

I will give a big YES to the "Candidate of No", a fellow blogger Eric Krieg.  I am not in his district, but he impresses me anyway!

Sheriff of Lake County

Dan Bursac is a long-time cop who knows the department inside and out, as a beat guy, a desk guy, a lab guy, a detective working on homicide cases...He has been there and done that.  Every time he runs for office and a Democrat wins he gets moved to another position in the force.   He pays a price for putting himself out there!   Why have we not had a Republican Sheriff since the days of FDR?  Why is so much money poured into the Democrat?  Could the Sheriff's office be better?  Now do not get me wrong, I think that Sheriff Roy Dominguez was a pretty good Sheriff.  He may well have made some improvements during his term.  Still, it would be so nice to see what would happen if a Republican had a chance to take the reins...


  1. Marlin's vote to raise Indiana taxes and then voting to delay that same vote until after the election is the same less-than-upright lack of governmental integrity from which this state and nation have been suffering for decades. That you withdraw your consideration of John Hostettler as the better candidate based upon comments from "a site" shows your lack of thoughtfulness and knowledge of history. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. America will not long endure under these "here we go again" missed opportunities to do what is truly right. Please reconsider, Sir.

  2. That tax raise is a lie. The Unemployment tax mandate was not a vote for a tax increase. John Hostettler knows it because I faced him on it and got him to admit that what was done was to delay a bad situation in order to try to find a better solution. Unemployment went up. Unemployment taxes would then go up. They had to go up. The House did not pass what the Senate thought was equitable. They were able to delay implementation in hopes a Republican House in 2011 can help them fix it.

    If you usually buy one pack of gum and today you buy two and the price doubles, is that a tax raise? No, it is twice the gum. Indiana employers had many more layoffs and firings due to the Obama economy. Let's hear John Hostettler tell us what he would have done. Because if nothing was done, Indiana companies would have suffered and more people would have been out of work!