Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Vet discusses the Federal Races. First, the Senate.

This post is not the official Cedar Lake Republican endorsement.   Cedar Lake Republicans are officially agnostic about the candidates during the primary.  The endorsement is made by this blogger.

Marlin Stutzman is my choice for the Senate Race.  He was endorsed by 23 fellow State Senators and 27 fellow State Representatives.  The people he has worked with to balance the Indiana budget and make things happen in Indianapolis are on his side!  Not the national elephants.  Not the big money folks.

He has sponsored or authored several important measures to balance the budget in Indiana, put through a real ethics law, give Indiana a lifetime carry permit and has not just the Indiana State Right to Life endorsement (all Republicans get that one) but has received county endorsements including the Lake County endorsement.  In fact Marlin and his wife Christy will be at this year's Lake County Right to Life banquet on Friday.  So will I.

Perhaps the best reason to vote for Marlin is his ringing endorsement by Senator Sue Landske, my State Senator for many years and someone who has done the long hard work for her constituents.  Every time one of my kids made the high honor roll they received a certificate from Sue Landske.  You don't think that mattered to them and to me?  For years I just voted for Sue and did my life but when the country started going sideways I knew I had to get involved and now we know each other on sight.  I would rather hug Sue Landske than get within a mile of Barack Obama.  No, within 100 miles of Barack Obama.  Sue Landske is a great name in Cedar Lake.

But the cherry on the sundae is the sudden outbreak of dirty politics.   Marlin Stutzman was the only candidate to disclose his finances on time and accurately and one candidate accused him of lying about his money (he wasn't).  Then a patched-together clumsily youtube was published by apparently the loony side of Hostettler's supporters to attack Stutzman.  *I do not think John was involved in this* .  In fact Stutzman is winning the majority of online polls posted by tea parties and newspapers and blogs.   It looks like Marlin Stutzman can beat the RNC machine and clobber Coats.  John Hostettler is close but some of his followers are making him look bad and it is likely to backfire.   We The People are tired of dirty politics and backroom deals.

Even though the RNC wanted Coats to win apparently Stutzman is spoiling the party.  Good.  He might turn out to be a great Senator.  Occasionally we get a chance to have one.  Marlin can be our Jim DeMint.   He was a tea party guy before it was popular, an ordinary farmer who felt called to serve the people and people who are of less than sterling character do not like him.  That sounds like the trifecta to me!

Official endorsements
Some local people I admire like him in leadership roles who are not at liberty to endorse but:

Erick Erickson likes him.
The  Tea Party Action Coalition likes him.
CPAC likes him.
ACU likes him.
Mark Levin likes him.
Glenn Beck called him for an interview.

Nobody owns me.  Nobody pays me.  I am my own man.  I heartily recommend Marlin Stutzman!


  1. I just used your blog today for a reference when I was making a phone bank call as an unpaid volunteer for Marlin Stutzman's US Senate campaign. The person I called had some excellent questions for me and one of them was if Sen. Sue Landske had endorsed Marlin. Thanks for your articulate blog above! Go Marlin and God bless America!
    E. Taylor

  2. Yes, Sue Landske was one of his at least fifty Indy Reps and Senators that have officially endorsed Marlin.