Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10th AnnualCedar Lake/Hanover Chicken Dinner!

This event is a great way to connect with people in your community who care about the community and are working to do something about it!

Last year we had a great time, meeting the vast majority of elected officials who work for the Town of Cedar Lake, for Hanover Township, as well as County and State representatives, councilmen and State Senator Sue Landske, among many others.  

There are door prizes and items for auction and the raffle can be fun if you like being involved in raffles and auctions.   One of our friends won a nice shotgun last year partaking in the auction and my wife received the Mum centerpiece that was at our table. 

There will be a few speeches and a lot of conversation and some really good food, too!  

You may even be able to figure out who I am if you come.  Look for a guy with a full head of hair, a grey beard, a much smaller and cuter wife and blue eyes who really needs to lose some weight and that will probably be me.  I do hope to see you there!

Mapquest for those who do not know where Great Oaks is located.

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