Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why Mourdock not Donnelly and important voting information for you from the Lake County GOP

Did you know?  Cook Medical, located here in IN, announced it is scrapping plans to build 5 new plants because of the Medical Device tax that is being imposed through Obamacare. Congressman Joe Donnelly voted for Obamacare. Joe Donnelly voted to scrap thousands of JOBS! We don't need Joe Donnelly hurting American JOBS anymore!

Joe Donnelly has said "yes" to big government and the Obama agenda and "no" to responsibility.

So let's say no to Joe Donnelly and yes to the qualified candidate, Richard Mourdock!

Obamacare has kept small businesses from expanding beyond 49 employees due to the penalty imposed on businesses concerning health care coverage.   Obamacare is nothing more than a wedge to separate Americans from their Constitutional freedoms and their money and also their quality of life.   It was a bill that was so big and complex that no one who voted for it actually knew everything it would do.   But they knew it would ruin our economy and grow government!  When the government provides health care, costs increase and quality of care plummets.   It is the story in Europe and in Canada.   It is important to vote out every Democrat and elect every Republican to make Lake County government responsible to the people rather than special interests and cronies.   It is important to vote out every Democrat and elect every Republican to allow the economy to grow, energy to be utilized and Obamacare dismantled and completely repealed!

Richard Mourdock was a great success as our State Treasurer.   He understands business and he understands budgeting, because here in Indiana we balance our budget.   Joe Donnelly doesn't seem to know much other than if Obama is for it, so is he!   'Nuff said?


Picture of the Day!

This sign was posted on an 18 wheeler at Intersection of M40 and Blue Star near Saugatuck, MI.   Courtesy of The New Boston Tea Party.


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Written by LCRCC   
Sunday, 14 October 2012 01:32
Richard Mourdock with LCRP Chair Kim Krull

Well here we go again! Six more Democrats indicted last month. We just had Democrat Coroner convicted for public corruption and not even sentenced yet and the US Attorney send out more indictments. 
We the people are the only ones who can put competent men and women in office. It is our duty to vote and to vote for the most qualified person. In Lake County it is our duty as voters (even if you may have always voted straight Democrat or split your ticket) to put people in on a local level who will provide oversight, do not have a history of machine politics, and who have a proven record of good ethical behavior. I believe our Republican Candidates fit all the criteria we need to start removing the bad stigma from Lake County’s name. 
 We will started voting on October 9th. All absentee in person voting sites with operational days and hours can be found here.

 You can find your polling location, see who’s on your ballot, and also print off an absentee vote by mail request form by visiting

Thank you to all the City and Town Chairmen who have filled their poll workers. The clerks and judges are the first protectors of free and fair elections. Cards will be mailed soon for training dates and location. 

Please follow us on Twitter @LakeCountyGOP and Facebook and also check our website for all events and volunteer opportunities.

Kim Krull
Lake County Republican Party

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Written by LCRCC   
Wednesday, 10 October 2012 01:40
Review Candidates on Your Ballot, Print an Absentee Ballot Request Form, or Find Your Polling Place

In-Person Absentee Voting Locations

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