Monday, September 24, 2012

Senator Sue Landse - Cedar Lake's own is spotlighted!

As a grade schooler, I had the opportunity and honor (to me) of being a Page for the Indiana State Senate.   I was utterly amazed at the way business was done, impressed by the tunnel connecting buildings under the street and wondered at the sheer bulk of paperwork representing bills that Senators were expected to review and then vote for or against.  Being a Senate Page made me politically aware at a very young age and also convinced me to remain involved even before I could actually vote.  I was walking the neighborhood passing out candidate flyers back in 1964 and I suppose a number of adults were taken aback, as I had no adult companion.  Did this kid actually decide to do this on his own?  Yes!   If you get the opportunity to be a Senate Page for Senator Landske,  jump at the chance!

I am pleased to be acquainted with a few candidates and a few public officials, some of whom are relatively new to the scene and some who have been around for awhile.   But when my family moved to Cedar Lake in the early 1980's and when my children began attending classes in the Hanover district in 1987, I soon "met" Senator Sue Landske by the messages she sent to my kids - awards honoring their academic achievements, making National Honor Society, making an All-State team...Senator Landske impressed me because she made sure her younger constituents, who could not even vote, were recognized for achieving excellence!  As a father trying to impress upon his children the importance of being great citizens and striving to do their best, Senator Landske's encouragement was greatly appreciated by me and certainly by them.

Later I got to meet her and become acquainted with Sue and her husband, William (Bill), who was serving on the Cedar Lake Town Council at the time.  I discovered what a warm and loving and interesting woman she is, no surprise.  Bill and Sue Landske are good neighbors and friendly, gracious people.  I call her Senator Sue now.  I was delighted to see that she was being featured by the Indiana Senate Majority Caucus, so wanted everyone to see this, below.

Cedar Lake's own Senator Sue is spotlighted by the Indiana Senate Majority Caucus this week.
Excerpted from the email/webpage:

Majority Header 2

Senate Spotlight: Sue Landske

September 24-28

Indy Car
You may know Sue Landske as your state senator, representing Benton and  Newton counties and the southern part of Lake County in Northwest Indiana. But did you know Sue once drove an Indy race car? Pictured right is her receiving last minute instructions.
Sue is more than a state lawmaker.
She lives and works in your community. This week, check out the Indiana Senate GOP Facebook page to find out more about your senator, from her hobbies to how she met her husband.
50th Anniversary
Our hope is that taking a personal look at Sue beyond the Statehouse will help you get to know the person who is representing you in the Senate.
If you want to know more about Sue, how to share your thoughts on the important issues facing our state and what makes the Senate district you live in unique, click here.


I tried to blow up the picture but the focus gets lost.    You can see the Landske clan is pretty big! 

Now that I know Senator Landske is a Civil War buff I will have to bring that up next time I see her.
Those links above take you to the Facebook page for the ISMC.  Man, I wish I had a chance at even one lap around Indy!  My inner A.J. Foyt would come right back out.

Indiana Senate Gop Facebook Page

Indiana Senate Republicans website

Indiana Senator Sue Landske ISR page

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