Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tea Party and Republican Party - Good friends?

The Dan Klein/Brian Bosma event at the Conservative Cafe on Tuesday was somewhat of an eye-opener for me.   Brian Bosma is a very smart and dynamic individual who must be a natural in a leadership role and so Indiana is certainly blessed to have that kind of leadership down in Indianapolis.  Bosma was in Crown Point to help kick off the Dan Klein for 19th district campaign but he had time to weigh in on two important issues:

The tax that isn't - The Indiana legislature, faced with an unfunded mandate to deal with unemployment insurance, passed legislation that would to some extent level the playing field between big and little businesses but would be in effect a tax increase.  But the legislators were able to put this off for a year and the Republicans hope that if they have a majority in both houses they will  be able to "fix" the bill before one penny of tax is levied against businesses.  As I thought, the Republicans managed to turn this into a holding action and so any incumbent who was involved in the process, at least on the Republican side, should be credited with finding a way to put the issue "on hold" for another year.

A Republican majority in both houses, according to Brian Bosma, will find a way to make this situation less painful for Indiana businesses.   Business in Indiana will need all the help it can get, seeing how the Federal Government seems intent upon ruining and then taking over various portions of the private sector.   Obamites have grabbed a big piece of the banking pie and the automobile industry and are about to gorge on health care.   What is next?

Health deform -  Republicans and Tea Partiers alike hope for the Indiana AG will follow suit and file suit against Obamacare as unconstitutional.  Representative Bosma hoped for this action rather than being forced to try to block the bill legislatively.

In any event, the Conservative Cafe has hosted several Tea Party functions and Republican functions and I have seen many of the same people at both kinds of events.   If the Republican Party is in agreement with the majority of the Tea Party folks then we will all look a lot like Reaganites.

Jimmy Carter was so horrible and yet he was followed by one of the best Presidents ever, Ronald Reagan.   Perhaps another statesman will emerge from the Republicans and very possibly in concert with the Tea Party movement to depose Obama in 2012 and save the country from socialist doom.

Dan Klein is a friendly guy with a great handshake but the best thing I heard about him was from an older woman who was off to the side of things sitting and watching.   She told me how Dan Klein had been a good friend when she first moved into the area and that he was just good people.   It would be nice to think that she is correct.   I did meet the young man who is running Klein's campaign and not sure if he wants his name out there right now but he was impressive, very smart and sincere. 

I do not know for certain that Dan Klein is the best man for the job for the 19th district and this blog needs to stay somewhat candidate-agnostic during the run up to the primary.   I can say with certainty that there are several good people, people I trust, who believe that he is. 

Speaker Bosma speaks on ethics reform in state government as Governor Daniels looks on.

It is also apparent that the majority of the Tea Party folks want to join hands with Republicans in this election.  If we Republicans want grassroots support and heartfelt fervor for a Reagan-style of government then the time is now to reach out and join hands.  I saw a few Tea Party people including Lake County Tea Party leader Mark Leyva and also Pro-Life stalwarts like Lake County Right To Life current President Len Reynolds and his predecessor Cy Huerter. 

This Indiana election cycle will put the State Congress in position to apportion and redistrict the state acccording to census numbers.   The Democrats gerrymandered the districts back in 2000 when they had control.   If you want to see a Statehouse that accurately reflects the majority of Hoosiers you will absolutely get up and get out there and vote for the best candidates and find a way to help them win.   This is not simply critical for the National elections but certainly for the State offices as well.

And that is how I see it...


  1. As the tea party and liberty movements move toward their ideological home as Republicans they will find open arms and some war vets from previous battles to join forces with. Dan Klein, I'm told, has some war scars as well from his mayoral days and close connections to Dan Dumezich's side of the party. I hope this election can bring together the Lake County Republican leadership and the Dumezich people, and no matter who wins both sides agree to support the Republican for all the reasons you mention above.

  2. Tea Partiers want to be on the Republican side if the elephants can keep from shooting off their own foot!

    Dan Coats, for instance. That guy represents everything that is wrong with Washington on the elephant side - Lives in DC area, is a lobbyist, part of the bureaucracy and in no way represents Hoosier values. But he has name recognition and the party is throwing money at him? The only way the Democrats win in November is if Coats wins in May, because a third party candidate will get all the Tea Party and Independent and etc. votes!