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News you can use - March on out and April springs in!

Marlin Stutzman - US Senate - Huntington Tea Party Debate

Friday - March 26 - 7:00-9:30 PM
The Huntington Tea Party Candidate Forum was a bridge too far for us so no official blog post coverage.  All five U.S. Senatorial Candidates were there answering questions and visiting with voters.  We need to find the best candidate and show Washington who's in charge!  We The People!!!

Fair warning...I believe that Marlin Stutzman is the best candidate at this time and that is my opinion and is not an official opinion of the Republican Party.   I do know that Marlin Stutzman won the straw poll after the debate.  Stay tuned for a report from an attendee coming soon!


This Sunday in Cedar Lake, remember?


Remember that the first Monday of every month is the meeting for the Cedar Lake/Hanover Republicans.


We Meet On The First Monday Of Every Month
At South Side Pizzeria
111 Broadway (Lincoln Plaza)
Cedar Lake In. 46303
Come and get involved!

Chairman: Gregory Wornhoff 219-374-7684.   April 5th.  This is an important time, before the primaries, we want people to come and help us make decisions and plans and share information!

Dawn Wornhoff reminds us:  We will have a very abbreviated county meeting at the Dyer Waffle Breakfast on April 10th as we are holding a Republican US Congressional Candidate Forum that morning. All Republican candidates were invited. We have confirmations from Eric Olsen, Adam Dombkowski, Ric Holtz, and Peter Lindemulder. We have finalized the forum format and will be sending out to all of those who have confirmed their presence.


Lake County Right To Life Chairman Len Reynolds emailed me this:

A little baby boy saved today March 23. 

We were given the chance to talk to a mom who did not want her 16 yr old to abort.
We were then able to talk to her and got her to the Doctor  (the doctor was very busy and this almost did not happen) and he did an ultrasound and she is having a boy she is 16 weeks.
I told her that many times parents make young girls abort, however her mom and dad
wanted her to have the baby.  She left with an ultrasound picture of the baby!!!
This was very intense and a real battle.
Even though the 40 days is over we still need  to be at pp, please continue to come out!
God Bless

We that pray need to pray for babies to have a chance at life.  Those who can, give something to the effort.  Donate baby clothes, phones, money, volunteer time, pass on information...all these activities work together to save lives!


Mark your Calendars now for the Liberty Straight Up Freedom Candidate Forum!

Date: April 9, 2010
Time: 5:00 Pm to 10:00 Pm

Place: Sheffield's Restaurant
1515 E. 82nd Avenue
Merrillville, IN 46410
Map to Sheffield's

The evening will begin at 5:00 Pm with a Pizza and Pop Buffet. A $10.00 charge, tax and tip included, will include unlimited soft drinks, coffee and tea as well as the Pizza Buffet. Several special prices for cocktails will be offered as well.

The forum will begin immediately following the buffet. A standing room only crowd is expected. Plan to arrive early to ensure your seat.

During the Freedom Candidate Forum, each candidate will be asked to make an opening comment. Then, the moderator will open up questioning to the audience members. The candidates have been fore-warned to be prepared to answer intelligent difficult questions about their positions. The patriots that attend the Liberty Straight Up events are a well informed group of politically savvy local activists.

The following candidates have accepted their invitation to take part in the forum:

Many candidates in state level races have also accepted.

Each month, Liberty Straight Up invites you to join us for a splendid mix of grass roots activism, libations, and good conversation. We are a group of citizens who endeavor to limit the reach of government into our personal lives, to ensure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are a non-partisan, social organization that seeks to unite liberty-minded individuals not only with one another, but also with freedom-based organizations within their local communities.

Please share this information with your Facebook and MySpace pages as well as your friends and family members. All are welcome.

*****************DON'T TREAD ON ME****************

Also coming up just before my personal un-favorite day of the year...



3:00 - 6:00 PM CST


Join the Northwest Indiana Patriots and country singer-songwriter and recording artist John Berry for an afternoon of family-friendly music and patriotism. John will lead us in our National Anthem and sing his blockbuster hit, Give Me Back My America.

Cadets from the Portage High School ROTC will escort the colors from the Memorial Opera House and lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. We invite active duty, reservists, and veterans from ALL branches of the military to join the procession.

Stand together with us for the ideals that the Founders of our great nation bequeathed us:

• Limited government
• Fiscal responsibility
• Accountable representation

Boys and girls, moms and dads––EVERYONE is welcome! Bring your friends, your flags, your signs, and yourselves. We gathered estimates of up to 1,000 concerned citizens last year!! Please pass this email along so we can ask Washington: "Can you hear us now!" We are going to vote all those "Yes" votes out come November!

No admission, but donations are greatly appreciated.

Find out more:
NWIP Meetup site


Why do I keep talking about the Tea Party Patriot movement on this blog?  Because these are the people who have realized that their country is broken and therefore it is time for them to get up and get out and be part of the solution.   They want the Republican Party to be a party of Constitutional Conservatives and not a bunch of Beltway Boys.   If we are true to our principles they will join with us.

Ronald Reagan would, were he alive and well today, be very likely on tour with the Tea Party Express.  My fellow Republicans, open your eyes and ears!   Tea Party Patriots want the same things Republicans used to stand for, before we fell for the lure of centrist moderate go along to get along mediocre muddle instead of fundamental conservative principles that Ronnie stood for and by which this country was formed and by which we grew and prospered!

I will be posting a few bios on some of the candidates running locally if said candidates send me some good information.  Informed voters make better choices!

My fellow Republicans may not like this but my personal opinion is that Dan Coats has no business running for office in Indiana.   I will tell you why in a subsequent post.  Why did our State leadership want Dan Coats to come back from Virginia?   I just don't get it!  But that debate is for next time...

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