Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Personal recommendation by the blogger...Marlin Stutzman

State Sen. Marlin Stutzman (R-Howe) was recognized today by Senate President Pro Tempore David Long (R-Fort Wayne) for achieving an outstanding voting attendance record of 99.7 percent during the 2010 regular legislative session.

"Legislators are elected to be the voice of their constituents at the Statehouse," Long said. "This is often much easier said than done. Because important committee meetings or other critical matters may occur simultaneously while the Senate is in session, there will always be a few occasions when a senator cannot be on the floor when a vote is taken. Senator Stutzman's commitment to the citizens he represents is clearly shown by his excellent voting attendance record."

In addition to votes on bills, there are also votes on amendments, committee reports and procedural motions.
Long commended Stutzman and other senators for working with fellow lawmakers of both political parties.
"Hoosiers should know we made it a priority to work together this session," Long said.
"Every bill that became law received bipartisan support in the Senate and
74 percent passed unanimously."

Marlin Stutzman was the man who got the lifetime gun carry and the ethics bill passed in Indiana

Marlin Stutzman urges reversal of healthcare bill

"Hoosier voters have now learned, Brad Ellsworth is just a go along to get along liberal democrat. The healthcare bill that was passed in Washington this weekend is a train wreck for taxpayers and is the largest power grab by the Federal government in American history. The bill is in violation of the United States Constitution and will only worsen the prospect of any kind of economic recovery. It must be repealed."
Howe, IN - Marlin Stutzman believes repeal is the only way to restore any reasonable tone to the healthcare discussion. "The bill passed yesterday is such a disaster; I honestly do not believe it can be fixed" Stutzman stated. "What Rep. Ellsworth and others have done in passing this bill and ignoring the outcry from Americans is inexcusable."

Stutzman, a small business owner and 8 year state legislator said, "I believe that we have the greatest healthcare system in the world, but it does have problems that need to be addressed. However, the federal government doesn't have the answers. We need to address the real problem, and that is the actual cost of healthcare. We should expand choice and competition and get the lawyers and career politicians out of the equation."

Stutzman has already signed a pledge to work for repeal if he is elected to the United States Senate. "We have to reverse this bill. Hoosiers overwhelmingly oppose this so called 'healthcare reform' bill, and yet Rep. Ellsworth voted with his friends in Washington and against his constituents. This bill is a train wreck for taxpayers and is the largest power grab by the Federal government in American history. It is unconstitutional, and will also do serious damage to the prospect of any kind of economic recovery. The real truth about this bill is that it will cost Americans more, but actually provide much less quality healthcare."

Since Marlin Stutzman has been endorsed by Erick Erickson of Red State

State Senator Marlin Stutzman announces the endorsement of 27 members of the Indiana House

"Alexandria, VA - Today, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina), chairman of the Senate Conservatives Fund, commended U.S. Senate candidate Marlin Stutzman (R-Indiana) for being the only candidate in the Indiana Senate race to publicly endorse a one-year ban on congressional earmarks and a Constitutional Amendment requiring Congress to balance the Federal budget.

"I want to commend Marlin Stutzman for supporting true budget reform. It takes a lot of courage to stand up against earmarks and to make the tough decisions necessary to reduce our nation's debt," said Senator Jim DeMint. "Marlin's leadership on these issues is impressive."

U.S. Senate Candidate Marlin Stutzman says NO to earmarks!

I believe there are three other good solid candidates for Senate, none of them named Dan Coats.   This is of course the personal opinion of AmericanVet and not the Republican Party,

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  1. On this we agree ... No Coats, good candidates the others, but Stutzman the best of Show