Friday, February 5, 2010

We the people need people!

This election depends upon us, not them, to be active and find and support candidates to run for and win elections. There are openings for us to step up and be part of the solution in 2010!

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Lake County GOP
IN Republican Party
Governor Mitch Daniels
Sec of State Todd Rokita
Att General Greg Zoeller
U.S. Sen Richard Lugar
State Sen. Sue Landske
Rep. Don Lehe
Rep. Mike Pence
Rep. Mark Souder
Rep. Steve Buyer
Rep. Dan Burton
Rep. Ed Soliday This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

*Feb 19, 2010: Deadline to get on the ballot for the IN State Convention
*Feb 27, 2010: Lincoln Day Dinner
*March 29, 2010: Chairmen need to secure their poll workers for the May 4th primary
*April 5, 2010: Voter Registration Closes for the 2010 Primary Election
*April 5, 2010: First day a voter may vote an absentee-in-person at the county clerks office for the 2010 Primary Election.

*April 26, 2010:
Deadline for absentee-by-mail applications to be received for the 2010 Primary Election

*May 4, 2010:
Primary Election Day

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