Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kim Krull, Lake County GOP Chairman - The State of the Republican Party

Chairman's Comments
State of the Republican Party 2010

What an amazing time it is to be a Republican! Who would have ever thought that a Republican could win a senate seat in the bluest of blue states of Massachusetts! So if a blue state can elect a Republican to a US Senate seat, I have no doubt that a blue county can elect many Republicans.
The Lake County Republican Party is only as strong as its members, and it will take the work of all of us to increase that strength. We need to work together to give the voters of Lake County an alternative. Now having said that, comes my encouragement to run for public office. This could be a great year for Republicans to win offices based on the general mistrust and disgust of many people out there. Some of you have already stepped up. To those of you who have, I thank you.

Are you a person who cares about the direction your town, city, county, or state is going? Are you involved with the Republican Party, other service organizations or have a network of friends? Are you ready to work hard walking door to door, sacrificing family time, raising money, and putting together a team to work with you? Are you a leader? If you answered YES to all of those than you will make an excellent candidate.

I would like to see all these open positions filled in the primary. A candidate will have a better chance of winning in the general election if he/she runs in the primary also.

If you don't feel the calling to make the commitment to run for public office, then you can always help your local candidate make phone calls, walk door to door, stuff envelopes, etc... There are many ways you can assist the Republican Party to help strengthen us.

Being able to fund these campaigns is another challenge that we have. Our largest fundraiser of the year, Lincoln Day, is coming up this month on the 27th. You can assist by purchasing tickets, Gold Tables, or Sponsorships.

We don't have a paid staff. Our Executive Committee, all City and Town Chairs, our Webmaster (that would be me again until someone else volunteers!), and our Newsletter Editor all work for free in our "spare" time. So, all the money that the Central Committee makes during our fundraisers goes to pay the necessary bills we have to function as a party and to fund candidates.

So remember that the State of the Republican Party depends on all of us. Are you ready step up and help strengthen us?


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