Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Now is the time for all good men to come to" - Walt Kelly, author of POGO

 The Lincoln Day Dinner was a hopeful sign.  The hall was jam-packed!  Lots of very good people running for office and plenty of supporters and people wanting to help change things for the better.  The Cedar Lake contingent took up two tables.  But we need more people who care...

Whether you consider yourself a Conservative or a Tea Party Patriot or a Constitutionalist or a Republican, it must be obvious to all that our country needs help!  Wake up, everybody!  It is broke, it does need fixing and it needs to be done from the ground up.  We residents of South Lake County need to address local issues as well as state and national concerns.  While we have gone about our lives, others have been breaking what we call America!

For this reason, all are welcome to join us on Monday, March 1st at South Side Pizza in Cedar Lake, Indiana in the shopping center mall known as Lincoln Plaza.  Just a bit more than a half a mile East of the corner of Lakeshore Drive and US 41.

Welcome,  We a are proud group of hard working people that take much pride in our community. Our goals for the future are to encourage the next generation to become involved in local politics.  There is much work to be done in our growing community, and we are looking for good candidates to fill those very important seats that will determine the direction that Cedar Lake takes.

Whether it's a leadership role that interests you, or working behind the scenes. It takes a group effort to get things done.


We Meet On The First Monday Of Every Month
At South Side Pizzeria
111 Broadway (Lincoln Plaza)
Cedar Lake In. 46303
Come and get involved!

Chairman: Gregory Wornhoff 219-374-7684
Because you should be tired of this by now:

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