Friday, August 19, 2011

New Meeting Day for the Republicans - August 29th. Here comes November!

Hear ye, hear ye!

The Cedar Lake/Hanover Republicans of Lake County, IN

Our next meeting will be held on Monday August 29th one week early because of the Labor Day Holiday, 7pm @ in the trustee's building. 13330 Parrish Ave. Cedar Lake.   (Some of you longtime residents will remember that this was the old library building at the corner of the former Wilco Shopping Center at the corner of Lakeshore Drive/133rd and Parrish).

We are working on details for the Lowell Labor Day Parade. 

Also our 9th Annual Chicken Dinner Fundraiser on Friday, Sept 23, 2011

Cedar Lake's 9TH Annual Chicken Dinner
Friday September 23rd 2011
Great Oaks Banquets
13109 Wicker Ave.
Cedar Lake In. 46303

We are raising funds for our Republican you get a good meal and good company at the same time.  The new word of 2011?  Fundage!   We are seeking fundage to get the best people elected and working together to improve and preserve Cedar Lake/Hanover Township.

This is your chance to meet the folks who are working hard to make Cedar Lake a continually improving place to live and work and raise your children.   This is a great way to get involved without running for office or making speeches.   Just come if just to find out what goes on.   

Come meet and talk with John Foreman, Ralph Miller, Pat Casassa, Greg Parker, and Amy Sund at the Chicken Dinner and other Republican office holders and workers behind-the-scenes.

Hope to see you on the 29th and also at the dinner!

Keep updated on County Events by checking out the Lake County GOP page.

Chairman's Comments

Thank you to all the candidates and other attendees for making our Campaign Workshop a success last month. We hope we can make your campaign a success on November 8th! Thanks to all the presenters and to Pat Gabrione for coordinating the workshop again and providing breakfast. 

It was good to see all of our mayoral candidates from Lake County attend the Chairman’s Block Party at the home of Jim Kittle in Carmel last month. I found it to be a great networking day with other County Chairs who made several great comments about the work we doing here in Lake County. 

On August 1st, there were only 71 more days left until someone can vote for a candidate in Lake County. If you are a candidate, are you ready? Do you know how many more votes you need to win and where you will get them? If you are a volunteer working for a candidate, what are you doing to assure victory on November 8th

The Lake County GOP has started a Victory Phone Center again. For those of you who used it last year, you know how easy and fun it is to use. We made over 150,000 calls last year and we pulled off some great results. If you want to move closer to the winning column by November 8th, contact Jim Cuffia (688-3269) to see how the Victory Phone Center can help your campaign.
With the country’s economy being held hostage in Washington DC, it reminds me of Lake County being held hostage by the democrats. Voters have developed Stockholm Syndrome because they believe the party they grew up with cannot be the same party who has pillaged their pockets year after year to pay for bloated government, the friends and family plan, and lawyers to convict corrupted democrats like George Pabey, Frankie Kollintzas, Bob Pastrick, and on and on. 

Now is the time to get involved to help elect competent people to public service. Go to our webpage and click on the candidate tab to view all of our candidates. Consider making a donation of time, talent, or treasure to help them win! 

See you at the fair and the phone banks!


Well, the fair is over but my wife enjoyed working at the local Republican HQ in the run-up to the elections stuffing envelopes and preparing handouts and making calls and etc.  If you hate talking on the phone there will be things to collate or organize.   If you prefer to stay home, send some fundage to help us fact fundage is welcome at all times.  Har.  Somebody has to pay for all the signs and handouts and office space and phone time.   So whatever you can do to help will be appreciated greatly! ~  Your friendly neighborhood blogger.

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