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Time to get it in gear for the elections of 2012! Summerfest and candidate school...

A word from Kim Krull and the scoop on Summerfest!


Kim KrullChairman's CommentsLadies and Gentlemen Start Your Engines!
As I heard those words for the first time in person this past weekend at the Indianapolis 500, I wasn't thinking about politics. Chills were running up and down my spine and my heart was pounding as the race I watched on TV every year since they started broadcasting it live, was now about to begin right in front of my eyes. Tears of pride streamed down my face as they played the national anthem and then the stealth bomber flew over head. Tears continued as they played taps, and I thought about my dad's service in WWII and his birthday that would have been 2 days earlier if he was still here. We didn't know who would win the race, but we knew there would be a winner.

So Kim, we're glad you had a good time at your first race, but what does that have to do with politics you might be saying about now. Well, first of all, we know there will be a winner in all races on November 8th, but we don't know who those winners will be. I can guarantee that none of those racers thought they would lose, and so it should be if you are a candidate for office.
Shortly after the race was won, the rookie driver who was expected to win but crashed in turn 4 (yes I was sitting in turn 4!), told the reporters that he would speak to them after he spoke to his team. You see, JR Hildebrand got it. Even though he was the driver and he would have won the BorgWarner Award, it would have been due to his team. His team was the most important part of the race to him.

It's like that when you run for public office too. If you don't have a good team behind you, you can't win the race. All candidates not only need to have a good plan, but they need many people to execute that plan along with the candidate to get to the finish line first. Your team should consist of family, friends, and political allies that want to see you win and believe in you. They will help you in the many tasks you need to do while running for office.

The second political lesson I learned from the race was that even though there were many previous Indy winners there, a rookie was going to win the 100th anniversary race! A lot of our candidates this year are Rookies. They've never run for office, they may not have even ever been involved in any campaign before. But that doesn't mean they can't win.

And the last lesson I learned from the race was that the Rookie lost not because he didn't have a plan, didn't have a team, or didn't have "the right stuff." He lost because he made a mistake almost at the finish line. So you can run a perfect campaign, but if you don't think about every last detail and what might derail your race, you can lose.

The Lake County GOP is here to help make sure you can identify the priorities and the tools necessary to win your campaign. We are putting the final touches on our 2nd annual Campaign Workshop. It is free to all current candidates and 1 campaign worker as well as all city and town chairmen. There will be a nominal fee for all others. So join us on July 9th for an exciting Campaign School and learn the necessary techniques that will help you win your race!



Be sure to watch for us at the Summerfest this year.   Candidates will be taking turns manning the tent
and your friendly neighborhood blogger will be there as well.   Summerfest means community coming
together and it is a chance to meet people running for office as well as some of the folks who work the
"pit crew" behind the scenes.   Check out the links below for more information...

Happy Birthday
30th Annual Cedar Lake Summerfest

July 1 - 4, 2011
Cedar Lake Town Complex
7408 Constitution Avenue, Cedar Lake, Indiana 46303
Each year thousands of people attend the Cedar Lake Summerfest on the shore of our 800 acre lake. The town complex transform into 18 acres of fun for all ages with live entertainment, fireworks, midway games, amusement rides, bingo tent, beer garden, poker run, car show and much more! And don't forget the food! With over two dozen treats from elephant ears, funnel cakes, corn dogs and steak dinners, everybody's taste buds are sure to be satisfied.
Meeting DatesAdmission is FREE! Hours of operation vary daily see schedule. A $5.00 parking donation. View our schedule for full details & downloads.
All Information for events and form ready for download. On Information/Form Page

Updated 6-24-11

P.O. Box 188, Cedar Lake, IN 46303
Cedar Lake Parks & Recreation 219.374.4444 | Cedar Lake Chamber of Commerce 219.374.6157
Indiana South Shore CVA

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