Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let the Sunshine (Review) In! With the help of a few youtubes...

The Sunshine Review website.

Lake County government has been in the hands of Democrats since FDR was President and working on making a bad recession into a Great Depression.   Funny how history repeats itself, yes?

Indiana as a State is doing pretty well.   We are mandated to have a balanced budget, thankfully, and the State's website is a star as far as openness goes:

Indiana gets an A+

Lake County?   A D as in Democrat, which is NOT a good grade!

Kinda makes you think? 2008 Elections were a disaster for America, but in 2010 the Republicans took charge of Cedar Lake and the US House of if we can just finish the job in 2012?

Want to be part of the solution?

Remember that the Cedar Lake Republicans meet the first Monday of every month. Next meeting is scheduled for the 7th of March. The meeting takes place at 7 PM at the office of the Hanover Township Trustee. More news to come!

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