Wednesday, February 23, 2011

'Fraidy-cat Democrats hiding in Illiinois at the Comfort Inn

The story from NWI Politics blog...

If you are in the district Shelli VanDenburgh is "representing" you may want to know that she is playing hooky from work and along with fellow Democrats are refusing to play by the rules.  Voters voted in Republicans to balance the budget and keep the State in the black.   Childish Democrats run away.

A little bird told me that; "The Dems are held up at the Comfort Inn. Phone number is 217-328-3500. I just called and asked for Shelly Vandenburgh. I was told she was not available right now was there a message. I said i would call back. I will and tell her to get back to work! If you believe the Ds should return to work, call too! "

I am in Don Lehe's district, but if you are in VanDenburgh's, I would give her a call?

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