Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sign, Sign, everywhere a sign

Back in the days of my youth I picked up a .45 recording of the song, "Signs."   I probably had a collectable, as the label identified the band as the "Fivf Man Electical Band" which was of course a mispelling.   But it is long gone is the chorus to the song:

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind

Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?

Signs are all over the place at this time of year.   We have a few signs in our yard supporting political candidates and candidate signs are seen all over Lake County.   I noticed a few things about these signs.


1)  The majority of Democratic candidates do not identify themselves as Democrats.   Not here in South Lake County.   The spectacular failure of the national Democrats may be a reason for this.   Yes, some Republican candidates do not list their party affiliation either, but the majority of candidates not linking to a party are Democrats.

2)  Democrats in Cedar Lake are taking credit for recent projects that have been finished like the revamping of the "downtown" area even though it was the Republican-majority Town government that did the planning  and started the projects in the first place.

3)  Lots of the new homes represent Democrats who have fled Illinois to come to a state with lower taxes and housing costs.  But they so often brought their standard Democrat vote with them...not understanding that it was a Democrat-run state they had fled?  Puzzling!

4) Many houses have signs with individuals of both parties proclaimed.   Yes, a few popular names will win no matter what party they belong to.  South of US 30 the politics are dynamic, there is no slam-dunk party leadership that dominates the vast majority of town and city governments.   Elections are available for both Republicans and Democrats to win.

5) The far North of Lake County is still dominated by Democrats.   If you cannot tell from the political signs, you could tell by the other signs...

1)  Since the time of FDR, the Democrats have ruled Lake County politics and also ruled East Chicago and Gary.   In those bastions of Democrat rule, these are the common signs you see:






2)  Signs of decay as rows of once pristine and valuable brick houses have become crumbling hovels inhabited by vermin and/or homeless drug addicts.  Gary, Indiana used to be a nice song about a home town, now it is a byword for a world of poverty and gangs and corruption.

3)  Signatures on various warrants issued by authorities against various and sundry Democrat political officials.   Every year there are names like Clay or Hall being indicted for criminal activities and yet the public votes in their cohorts to continue to rob them blind and allow the corruption and decay to continue.   Even our sitting Congressman has had to assign much of his poltical war chest to hire lawyers designed to keep him out of the newspapers and perhaps even jail.

4)  Corrupt officials are merely a sign that Democrats will continue to do business as usual unless voters stop them.   Carol Ann Seaton, the Democratic candidate for Lake County assessor, is not an Indiana resident and yet the Democrats audaciously ran her for office anyway!

Anyway, with the help of Bill Engvall, if you are going to vote for Democrats this year?   Here's your sign!

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