Thursday, October 14, 2010

I want your money, say the Dems! I want your vote, say Republicans...

The Democrats have ruled Lake County, Indiana since the days of FDR.  Have we finally decided that enough is enough?!

I want your money!

has provided these fine political cartoons.  Wish they were funny...

The Movie

Showtimes in Chicago/NW Indiana area

Maybe it is time to ACT!

The ACT! for America 2010 Voter Information Guide is now posted on our website. To find out how a candidate for U.S. Senate, U.S. House, or statewide office (such as Governor) stands on issues ranging from sharia law to the threat of terrorism, please click here.


The Voter Information Guide contains the completed issues questionnaires that were returned to us by candidates. Unfortunately, in spite of our best and persistent efforts, most candidates chose not to return a questionnaire.

The most common reason given to us was “we don’t fill out any surveys for any organization.”

Our dedicated ACT! for America staff:

  • Emailed the questionnaire a minimum of three times to every campaign that had a published email address.

  • Faxed the questionnaire to campaigns for which we could obtain a fax number.

  • Mailed the questionnaire certified mail, return receipt requested, to hundreds of campaigns that did not have a published email address.

  • Placed over 2,500 phone calls to campaigns, calling most campaigns more than once, to ensure they had received the questionnaire and asking that they return it to us via email or fax.
When you check out the 2010 Voter Information Guide, if the candidate you’re looking for “refused to respond,” we encourage you to contact the campaign and ask them to email the completed questionnaire to us at

The Obama Administration plans to confiscate private pensions!

And to find out how sitting Members of Congress voted on key bills and amendments going back to 2003, visit our Congressional Scorecard.

We could decide to back Tea Party Republicans and toss everyone who voted for or was associated with Obamacare out on their butts!   The oil drilling ban in the Gulf is lifted but the Obama Administration will still block permits.  Alaska drilling ban is still in place.   How many jobs are lost from this?  How much energy are we NOT getting while the economy falls apart?

I would not vote a Democrat or anyone else other than a Republican into office for Dog Catcher in these perilous times!  We need to stop the insanity from the bottom up!

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