Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cedar Lake Update June 15th Edition

Parks and Recreation Survey

Please take a few moments to complete our Parks and Recreation Survey. Your input will help us plan our park services to better serve you.

2010 Census Participation Rate at 79%

Your participation in the 2010 Census is crucial to the future of Cedar Lake. For every person that is not counted, the Town loses an estimated $8,200 in State and Federal funding.  If for some reason you have not filled out and sent in your Census information, now is the time to move it and groove it!  We need to get all the tax dollars we get taken from us back.

Cedar Lake Summerfest is coming beginning July 2nd!

And now a word from our Partisan Worldview....

Thanks to the facebook page of my photographer friend Thomas Semesky:

Or are you going to get off your butts and fight for your country back?  

1) Register to vote.
2) Vote for the person running AGAINST the Democrat.
3) Rinse and repeat.


Do you think that the oil spill would have been cleaned up lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ong ago if someone like Mike Huckabee was President?  

Are you kidding me?  We would have soaked it all up and recycled most of the oil and converted the rest into fishfood!   Barack Obama is either evil or stupid or both.   Hmmmm.  Tough choice there.   

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