Monday, June 21, 2010

A bit of rabble rousing...

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They say that the White House is averaging a party every three days and has spent ten million dollars on partying AFTER the millions spent on the Inauguration!  Wow.   Imagine if the Obama Administration had done anything worth celebrating?

The mainstream media would have had George Bush drawn and quartered about a month ago over the oil spill that never ends in the Gulf.  It seems that the President is glad to put an end to offshore drilling and doesn't even want the stuff to be cleaned up.  Any one of several ways to clean up the mess, all of which could have done the job in about a week or so, were demonstrated on a Mike Huckabee show a couple of weeks ago.  But Barack Obama wants disasters and depression so he can take over the country.  He has already begun his attack on the internet...

Barack Obama is not just not a Christian guy, he is a mocker.  Check out "Obama Openly Mocks God and Bible."

Abortion is more profitable that we thought...

The Democrats are also pushing a bill they know to be unconstitutional, but it benefits incumbents so they are seeking to pass it now and make it work for them in November!


Maybe I should just share some of the latest Patriot Post information while I am at on that link to see the entire post.  Below is an excerpt:

 Brief · June 21, 2010

The Foundation

"No man can well doubt the propriety of placing a president of the United States under the most solemn obligations to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution." --Joseph Story


President or monarch?
"We live in a Constitutional Republic. The President's job under the Constitution is to enforce the laws made by the elected Congress. His job is not to create new laws and enforce them all by himself. His job is as magistrate under the Constitution, not as Caudillo. He is not the law. He is supposed to enforce what Congress decides. The BP behavior is reminiscent of how, immediately after assuming office, Mr. Obama, with no Congressional authority or administrative allowance, simply made a phone call to fire the head of GM. When I called the White House press office to ask under what law or regulation Mr. Obama was acting, I was told he did not need a law. If the government put a lot of money into GM, it could call the shots at GM, I was told. But under what authority, I asked. 'None needed,' was the final answer. ... The same goes for Mr. Obama's demand that BP pay the lost wages of oil and gas workers suspended from work because of the moratorium on Gulf of Mexico underseas drilling. There simply was no legislation allowing this kind of specific demand. Mr. Obama's demand was in the nature of a threat, more than a Constitutional act. ... [T]o create specific enactments and actions without any authority -- now Mr. Obama's specialty -- is so at odds with the law of the land that it terrifies me. These are not the acts of a teacher on Constitutional law. These are the acts of a big city boss or a third world dictator." --columnist Ben Stein

For the Record

"Were the British Empire that fought the War of 1812 still around, America might be looking at a War of 2012. Instead, a rattled BP appears willing to fork over much more money than it will owe, including money for 'lost wages' due to the president's own panicky moratorium. BP obviously invited all of this through its gross incompetence, but what if the same 'lost wages' standard applied to the Obama administration? It, too, is busy destroying the 'way of life' for workers in multiple industries, but in its case that's not even an accident; it is a deliberate plan. Which federal government office should coal and oil rig workers show up at to retrieve their lost wages once Obama's energy laws crippling those industries pass? Obama offers these workers the consolation of a 'clean energy' job in the future. That's very thoughtful of him. These workers can look forward to the prospect of a job, or at the very least a generous interview opportunity for a job, at wind farms several states away from their homes maybe a decade from now. Once again, the Obama administration illustrates that the greatest threat to the economy comes not from the environment but from environmentalists. Hurricanes and oil spills cost workers far fewer jobs than do the policies of trendy pantheism." --columnist George Neumayr

Re: The Left

"Obama is dreamer in chief: He wants to take us to this green future 'even if we're unsure exactly what that looks like. Even if we don't yet precisely know how we're going to get there.' Here's the offer: Tax carbon, spend trillions and put government in control of the energy economy -- and he will take you he knows not where, by way of a road he knows not which. That's why Tuesday's speech was received with such consternation. It was so untethered from reality. The gulf is gushing, and the president is talking mystery roads to unknown destinations. That passes for vision, and vision is Obama's thing. It sure beats cleaning up beaches." --columnist Charles Krauthammer


"Katrina and the Gulf oil spill prove that, at best, government can only get in the way. But at worst -- like so-called global warming, lack of border security and unfunded Social Security -- they are all part of the same thing: government created problems that government prevents from being solved. The resultant discourse leads to weakening the resolve of the people to resist the 'helping' heavy hand of government. Put another way, government has an incentive to not solve problems, the Arizona immigration law being a perfect case in point where government has really shown its hand. Problems are its fuel -- fuel needed to empower itself and enslave its subjects. In the now infamous words of Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel: a crisis is a terrible thing to waste." --columnist W.R. Wansley

The Gipper

"We who live in free market societies believe that growth, prosperity and ultimately human fulfillment, are created from the bottom up, not the government down. Only when the human spirit is allowed to invent and create, only when individuals are given a personal stake in deciding economic policies and benefitting from their success -- only then can societies remain economically alive, dynamic, progressive, and free. Trust the people. This is the one irrefutable lesson of the entire postwar period contradicting the notion that rigid government controls are essential to economic development." --Ronald Reagan

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