Sunday, December 4, 2011

Republicans in Cedar Lake and Hanover Township First Monday Meeting`

Hear ye, hear ye!

The Cedar Lake/Hanover Republicans of Lake County, IN

Our next meeting will be held on Monday December 5th 7pm @ in the trustee's building. 13330 Parrish Ave. Cedar Lake.   (Some of you longtime residents will remember that this was the old library building at the corner of the former Wilco Shopping Center at the corner of Lakeshore Drive/133rd and Parrish).

This is your chance to meet the folks who are working hard to make Cedar Lake a continually improving place to live and work and raise your children.   This is a great way to get involved without running for office or making speeches.   Just come if just to find out what goes on.   

I want to thank Robert Carnahan for sending me lots of information I could not use due to some issues with a software program. He helpfully sent me some minutes and announcements that did not get posted. As Christmas approaches I do believe I have the problem solved so I hope he will keep on sending me things and now I will actually be able to post them, or most of them, with things settled.

Keep updated on County Events by checking out the Lake County GOP page.


Tidbits from your friendly neighborhood blogger:

Did you know that the Major News Media used to use the color Blue to represent Republicans and Red to represent Democrats on maps showing political strength or election victories, etc?   After the Days of Rage and the 1968 elections, charges that the Democratic Party was synonymous with Communists (Reds) caused the Dems to eventually ask the news media to reverse the color scheme after the 1984 elections in which David Brinkley famously described as a "sea of blue."  Ronald Reagan had won 49 of the 50 States.  In time they complied, one news organization at a time.  Finally, after the 2000 elections the American News Media in general got together and began showing Republicans as Red and Democrats as Blue.  

Throughout the world, this is the opposite of what the colors normally mean.   In Canada and the UK conservatives are associated with blue while labour-socialists are red.   Communist nations are often referred to as red, such as Red China.  So we understand why Democrats do not want the color red, as they are becoming more like the Communist Party every day!

Check out this blogpost to see what I mean!

Thanksgiving is over, so some of Kim's latest post would be outdated but this part I like and I do not care what ABC/CBS.NBC/MSNC might say, I am posting it in blue:

"...This past November 8th, the Republicans in Lake County gained 9 seats! We gained a council seat and Judge in Lowell, 3 council seats and clerk-treasurer in Cedar Lake, a clerk-treasurer and council seat in Griffith, 2 council seats in St John and a council seat and clerk-treasurer in Schneider. Although we lost Councilwoman Sharon Moore in Schererville and Councilwoman Kim Poland in Hammond, all of the rest of our incumbents were re-elected and those who retired had their Republican replacement win!

Our success, although bleak north of Ridge Road, is extremely strong south. Cedar Lake now joins Munster in being all Republican! Republicans in Crown Point, St John, Griffith, Schneider, Dyer, and Winfield all hold a majority on their council. We are building strength with the team we have put together, and it shows!

Your city and town chairmen have done an excellent job recruiting qualified candidates and assisting them with their campaigns. I thank all of them. I also thank Jim Cuffia who worked tirelessly in the Victory Phone Center assisting candidates with scripts and setting up databases.

Thanks to all of you for supporting the Lake County GOP. If you like the results we are getting, I ask that you help continue these victories by donating to the party today and throughout the year. We need money to support not only the operating expenses, but tools to get our candidates elected. With the right funding, we can win mayoral seats in 2015. So show your thanks and donate today! Send a check for $5, $25, or more to LCRCC, PO Box 344, Crown Point, IN 46308..."


Every four years, the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns conducts Newly Elected Officials Training to provide basic information and tools for city and town officials, helping them manage their first weeks in office and build a foundation for a successful term.

IACT’s Newly Elected Officials Training assisted more than 1,000 city and town officials during the 2007-2008 event. The 2011-2012 program, presented by Vectren, promises to be bigger and better, and will benefit both municipal government rookies and veterans alike.

Details and Online Registration

Download a copy of the registration brochure.

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