Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Time to Change the Culture of Corruption

The Lake County Democratic Party aka I am shocked, shocked, that there is corruption in the Democrat party!

"Time to Change the Culture of Corruption

by Kim Dugger Krull on Saturday, September 24, 2011 at 8:09pm

On the very day that Lake County Democratic Coroner, Thomas Philpot, was indicted on charges of public corruption, Lake County Democratic leaders are wondering why Governor Daniels said Lake County is known for governmental corruption. This reminds me of the Hans Christian Anderson story about the Emperor who ran around naked thinking he had on beautiful clothes just because some scam artist weavers told him he had on finely woven clothes that you could not see if you were unfit to hold office or a simpleton. So everyone pretended he had on these beautiful clothes because they didn’t want to believe they were unfit.

Lake County has seen at least fifty democratic public officials convicted of some form of public corruption since 2000. For those of you who don’t remember the names, here are a few: George Pabey, Bob Cantrell, Frankie Kollintzas, Robert Pastrick, James Fife, Jewell Harris Sr., Katie Hall, Will Smith Jr., Dozier Allen, Jojuanna Meeks, Peter Manous, and Kevin Pastrick. Now we have our current Coroner, Thomas Philpot, charged with theft for the time he was County Clerk!

How much longer are we going to stand by and let these people fool us? The Democratic Chairman said last year, "I'm two decades younger than these guys. We're all embarrassed by the reputation Lake County has. But I'm not part of it. I just happen to live here.” Really? You aren’t part of the problem? Isn’t it your party that keeps sending a message out to “Punch 10” no matter who is on the ballot to try to ensure that democrats, even if they are charged with a crime like Carol Ann Seaton last year, still get elected? Aren’t you the one that went downstate and hired lobbyists to stop the funding of Operations and Maintenance of the Little Calumet River Commission so your pal democratic surveyor George Van Til and you could cook up a new scheme for your friends and family plan? You Mr. Chairman are good friends with Mr. Woerpel who is the Hammond Democratic Chairman and was caught growing pot in his home. You are also good friends of Mr. Philpot who was just indicted! Excuse me sir, but you are part of the problem. You are the reason why the rest of the state doesn’t respect us. This culture of corruption must stop!

Indiana is ranked 5th in the Top States for Doing Business Survey. However, out of the top 50 public corporations in Indiana only one is located in Lake County. The democratic chairman had this to say concerning that one, NIPSCO, “Somebody has to stand up to this company…. NIPSCO’s done nothing to help me.” Do you mean NIPSCO hasn’t lined your pockets?

As the Republican Chairman in Lake County, I have given voters of Lake County a choice this Election Day. We have attracted many good, honest people to run for mayor and council positions this fall. You can “Punch 10” like you are told by the weavers and continue to pretend the emperor is wearing beautiful clothes or you can vote for honest people who want to be public servants and turn this culture of corruption into a culture of respect and prosperity."

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