Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Candidates for office 2011 Primary in Cedar Lake/Hanover! Meat and Greet!

As listed on the Lake County GOP website

Cedar Lake

Cedar Lakes Republican Candidates
Written by Greg Wornhoff
Sunday, 20 March 2011 15:03
Primary Election,
Tuesday, May 3rd 2011

Marilyn Kaper - Ward 2 Town Council

John Foreman - Ward 2 Town Council

Ralph Miller - Ward 4 Town Council

Patricia (King) Cassasa - Ward 6 Town Council

Gregory (Greg) Parker - Ward 7 Town Council

Amy Sund - Clerk Treasurer

I can attest that our candidates have been coming to meetings and getting involved in the local party activities as well as making the effort to upgrade the Cedar Lake Town Website and make improvements and decisions for the good of the town.  

"The Town of Cedar Lake’s population has increased by nearly 25% since 2000. There are now 11,560 people that call the Town of Cedar Lake home in Indiana..."

Did you know you can go to the town website and view upcoming meetings and see announcements of meetings you may want to attend, public notices and various pieces of information?  You can get up to the minute weather information, you can get specific info for developers, see legal notifications, find out who has won awards and certifications (such as Ian Nicolini and Amy Sund) and more...

Email askthetown@cedarlakein.org if you have suggestions for improving the website, or perhaps have information that would be helpful and etc.

Want tickets to the Meat and Greet?   Call 374-7684 or email radarbinder@hotmail.com


Your Republican Candidates 

Saturday, April 30, 201111am to 6pm

South Side Pizza Parking Lot
111 Broadway (Lincoln Plaza)
Cedar Lake In 46303

Adults .................... $8.00
Seniors 63 & Up ... $5.00
Kids 12 & Under ... $5.00

Roasted Pork
Hot Dogs & Burgers
Sides, Dessert, Cash Bar

Cedar Lake Historical Association’s April-May 2011 Newsletter

Town Complex Grounds 7408 Constitution Avenue

Post Office Box 421 Cedar Lake, Indiana www.cedarlakehistory.org

Welcome members as we start our 2011 season.

The new Cedar Lake Historical Association newsletter can be found online.

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