Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A talented friend, a Message from Kim and the Lincoln Day Dinner!

You would tell the world about a talented friend, right?   Okay, so my young friend David...David in URL talented and deserves a look:

DJ Lil Corbin 

David Mollema a.k.a DJ Lil Corbin is the newest crew member to join the getdown staff. His exciting personality and enthusiasm makes him a great asset to our team and to your event. David's love of music and dancing has led him into the world of entertainment. Along with working for Operation Getdown, he is an astounding actor and has performed in many theatrical plays including the High School Musical Production at the Star Plaza Theatre (starring as Chad Danforth). Along with acting, David is also a talented gymnast and by far the best dancer on staff. In fact, you may see him join your guests on the dance floor! If you're looking for excitement for your next party you have to check out DJ Lil Corbin!

He is a Cedar Lake resident.  Now you know.  Next post?  Back to local politics, I promise!   Okay, now -


Don't forget the Lincoln Day Dinner is coming up on April 2nd...We have our tickets already.  Don't miss out!


Chairman's Comments  

Thank you to everyone who signed up to run on our Republican ticket. There are still some openings, so I will be asking for you to take a look at those and see if there is a position that you qualify for. If you qualify, look deep within yourself and ask yourself if you would make a better public servant than what is there now. It's time to start sacrificing some time, talent, and treasure for the good of our communities. If you don't like your councilman or mayor (only Hobart and Whiting open for mayor!), step up to the plate! (Yes, thank goodness it's almost baseball season again!)

Our biggest fundraiser of the year, Lincoln Day, is rapidly approaching. Our Keynote Speaker will be US Congressman Mike Pence. If you do not have a form to be a sponsor, host, or to pre-purchase a ticket or reserve a table, contact your city or town chair or Kevin Slaman. Remember, all the money we raise goes to candidates and a little bit for operational expenses. So the more money we can raise, the more candidates we can support in the general election!
I am sure this event will sell out. So please purchase your tickets early. Plus it will save time standing in line the night of the event. We had record crowds at Reagan Breakfast and our Christmas Party so I anticipate another record breaker on April 2nd!
If you are not following us either on Facebook or our Website, you are missing out on a lot of good information that is disseminated quickly for quick responses. Sometimes there are last minute events put together that you may want to participate in. One good example was events going on this week at the state house. I also text message people when immediate action is needed. An example is when a Republican is a guest on a local radio station and we want you to call in or listen or the recent results of the new RNC Chairman or the phone number to the Comfort Suites in Urbana, IL where our democratic legislators are hiding out. If I do not have your cell phone number (must be able to receive text messages) send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so I can add you on to my group. I also encourage everyone to use my new google phone number as it will ring on my house and cell and leave me an email voice message if I cannot pick up. It's 219-440-2GOP.
We have lost both District YR Chairs, so I have been in contact with the State YR Chair on how to get a chapter started here in Lake Co. He may come up for our Lincoln Day and give a short talk about the importance of YRs. We need anyone between 18 and 40 to send me an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are interested in joining this new group. I also need 2 people to commit to being the leaders of the new group. They generally meet monthly. If I can get 10 people to commit to an event in March, the County Party will sponsor a Membership Party. The challenge is on!

If you want to work on election day as a clerk or a judge, please contact your city or town chairman ASAP. All contact info is found at

Lastly, our state government was ground to a halt. when the Democrats walked out. A couple of Republicans have submitted articles this month on this subject. I encourage you to read them and contact your own Representative, if Democrat, and see what response you get. Some of the issues have to do with unions in the public sector. I encourage you to read this article to be more informed. As Republicans we stand for keeping more of our money in our own pockets to have the freedom to do with it what we want.

Our next GOP Newsletter will come out after Lincoln Day. If you know someone that wants to receive it to be informed of meetings and events, have them send their email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Happy St Patrick's Day to all!


Local State Representatives Busy Spinning

Written by LCRCC

Friday, 18 March 2011 22:09

Official Statement From The Lake County Republican Organization

Although they have refused to carry out the duties voters elected them to do, local Democratic
state legislators are still keeping busy trying to spin their way out of this no-win situation they
created. They have no problem finding time to spend on Facebook and calling in to local radio
programs. Their repeated battle cry, “we are doing this to protect the families of Indiana”. What
that means is of course a mystery. And when interviewed, the media has yet to press for an
The reality is the state's business, which includes all Indiana residents, is at a standstill. Rather
than debating and voicing their opposition and then voting no, they choose to hold ALL Indiana
residents hostage until their demands for their self-centered political agenda is granted.

As Chairwoman of the Lake County Republican Organization I call on our local legislators and
their friends to put a stop to this childish behavior, and return to work immediately and carry
out the duties you swore under oath to uphold. You were elected to represent ALL of your
constituents not only your supporters.

Kim Krull
Lake County Republican Organization

This Blogger's personal note - They are doing it for the people that fund their campaigns...not for the children, not for the families, but for the MONEY!

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