Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cedar Lake Goes Republican!!!

Cedar Lake and Hanover Township went Republican.   ME?  I got so ill that I could do very little but my wife walked and walked and worked to spread the word.   I did some blogging and networking but the candidates worked hard, many going door-to-door.   I remember Mitchel Lopez coming to our door and telling us that he was going to walk the entire neighborhood and he wound up beating Jim Hunley for Hanover Township Trustee.   I believe I recall Randy Niemeyer and Robert Carnahan out going door-to-door as well.   Debbie printed up a bunch of literature and passed it out as well and helping prepare information for the County and Hank Adams actually won!  Hurrah!!!   Way to go all you winners!

Now Cedar Lake is a part of the general conservative kick-back that has swept the country.  People want no part of Obamacare and socialism and want the spending to stop and the jobs to be back.   We need energy and transparency in government and leadership that listens to the people.  

Congratuations to Dawn and Greg Wornhoff and the rest of the Cedar Lake Republican group who worked to see this result.   Congratulations to Kim Krull for spearheading an election in Lake County that saw real gains in local elections plus the great victory of Hank Adams over Seaton!

Very sorry to see that we are still stuck with Porky Pete and most of the County offices go Democrat even if Freddie Krueger would run.   But if Hank can do it this time, maybe Fine and Bursac and other good candidates can wind up and make another run at it in 2012 and come out ahead?

Let's watch this one more time for kicks...

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